How to Unlock Your Huawei Modem E5573s-320 for free

How to Unlock Your Huawei Modem E5573s-320 for free

Files required for unlocking of Huawei E5573s-320 (Smart Philippines)?

How to Unlock Huawei E5573s-320 (Smart Philippines) mobile WiFi router [Free]?

Once you have downloaded above mentioned files, you are ready for unlocking of Smart E5573s-320 mifi router.
1. Unscrew or dismantle the device.
2. Arrange one small wire.
3. Let the battery inside the device.
4. Touch boot pin and ground with wire.

5. Now, connect USB with the device and then to PC.
You can read in details about shot the boot here.
6. It will create a sound and you can see a COM port under device manager.

boot shotted and COM port came
If it is in yellow color, means drivers are not installed properly. Install Huawei Mobile Partner and yellow mark will be no more.
7. Now download the Balong Tool.

8. Click on “Detect” button.9. Once COM port is detected, browse for the file in loader.
10. Finally, press the “Load” button.
11. Once progress bar is full, another COM ports will be activated.

second COM port activated
12. Now update the device with firmware version
Update : Now Smart Philippines Huawei E5573s-320 router with firmware version 21.316.03.00.238 can be unlocked without opening the screws. We are offering it totally free for personal use.