How To Get Free iTunes Gift Card Generator 2020

How To Get Free iTunes Gift Card Generator 2020

Today is another day for a new thing to be discovered by you and i, therefore i have to prepare a new tutorial on how to generate or get a FREE iTunes or any gift cards for your online shopping.
but this tutorial is mainly based on PC users, but better still, you can use it on Phone,

To start let's get our Computer ready with a stable internet connection to avoid any interruptions in the process.

REQUIREMENTS: Computer  > stable internet connection, An E-mail of yours, for testing you your gift card code

1. Open any browser especially Chrome on your iPhone
2. Click here Gen2020
3. From there type in your PayPal email  and then select the server you want and click on start

4. Now wait for it to finish loading
5. From here, select the amount of cash you want and click on generate.

6. Wait again for it to load finish

7. Click on Verify from the popup menu

8. After that select anyone offers and complete it
9. If you've successfully finished your offer, your code will be sent to your email or text message on your phone
Conclusion: now we have successfully generated our Gift-cards, these cards can either be used on play store, apple store or eBay for shopping or sold for money. if you have benefited from this kindly show some love by sharing with friends and families... mostly on social media. 

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