FileLinked Codes (April) 2020 List  [Updated]

FileLinked Codes (April) 2020 List [Updated]

In this page you'd come across the Best Filelinked codes for 2020.

Filelinked Codes list presented in this article has been tested and confirmed working as of March 2020 and as such could best be described as the Latest Filelinked Codes 2020.

We've compiled all the list of the Filelinked codes that are readily available for the different categories of devices on whose platform filelinked codes are applicable.

Hence our list of Filelinked Codes includes; Filelinked Codes for Android and Filelinked Codes for Firestick. Just like we mentioned earlier, the codes are all working codes.

Before we usher you in to our list of the currently valid codes, get to know some facts about Filelinked. So the next question in line is or should be

What's is Filelinked? (otherwise termed Droidadmin).

Filelinked or DroidAdmin is an app (a free one of course) that offers a successful provision for multiple download of diverse files all at once. What happens here is that with existence of the Droidadmin codes (Filelinked pin codes), users are saved the stress of typing long URLs searching for files the need to download.

Having come this long, look up our fileLinked Codes list as is displayed below;

Filelinked Codes 2020 With Pin

SuperDells TV: 93989039 [pin- 4058]
(Lots of Latest Apks)

SkyMashi: 78933681 [pin- 9999]
(Movies and TV Shows)

SkyMashi: 60339349 [pin- 9999]
(Kodi and media player devices)

NxtLvlTech: 11039868 (pin - 3000)
[Apps for FireTV]

SkyMashi: 70510862 [pin - 9999]
(apps and Tools for FireStick)

SkyMashi: 75319570 [pin - 9999]
(IPTV Apps)

Optimum Bliss: 13131313 [pin- 4545]
(Media Players + Streaming Apps).

Malfaust: 86666282 4242
(IPTV + Paid TV Channels)

Cb74: 74747474 [pin- 9876]
(Sports TV And Live Channels)

Non descript: 39347794 [pin - 4242]
(Lots of files)

Electrical M.D: 85810914 (pin - 6403)
(latest apps)

Non descript: 36201754 (pin - 2222)
(lots applications)

Electrical M.D: 20417585 (pin - 6403)
(app Store for Kodi)

Mr. On Demand: 63106618 (pin - 7777)
(Streaming Apps)

CoolIdeas4Everything: 45541591  (pin - 7777)
(lots of streaming apps)

Juggernaut: 57518849 (pin - 4480)
(Builder's Apps with daily updates)

Parkie6: 46940058 (pin - 1966)
(latest apps)

Cosmin G: 42274327 (pin - 1985)
(CosMin Modded TV Apps)

James Evans: 73047734 (pin - 0572)
(Android and FireTV apks)

Non descript: 96306226 (pin - 1001)
(lots of modded apps)

NewTechevolution: 22222222 (pin - 4754)
[lots of Apk]

Filelinked Codes for Sports April 2020

74747474 PIN: 9876





Filelinked Codes 2020 Without Pin

Potato Streams: 27844165
(live Sports Channels)

Exousia: 67664537
(live TV Apps and Live Sports)

Non descript: 68105317
(Batgirls Cave Store)

One Nation: 39983887
(one Nation apps)

Balaji: 51829986
(lots of apps)

Firestickthatshit: 53509563
(FireStick apps)

Free Tech YouTuber: 56001333
(Android apps)

StreamDroid: 23263755
(Repos for Kodi)

TVZion: 35746417
( TVZion App Store)

TeaTV: 67817931
(TeaTV store)

Chaz Sullivan: 46844890
(Apps from Chaz)

JonJon FireTech: 91702090
(beta Apps)

Trevor Smith: 88897031
(Retro Games)

My Emulator Zone: 88897031
(Emulators and Roms)

Mark Peters: 44427643
(lots of Kodi Repositories & Wizards)

Mark Peters: 36260523
(lots of kodi Forks and Apks)

G & Len Penn: 55621089
(IPTVs and apps for Firestick)

Chad Hunte: 74129627
(lots of apps for free streaming)

Peters: 44427643
(lots of Kodi Builds and Repos)

Non described: 33521959
(lots of apps)

FireStick Lab: 74513484
(Top apps for FireStick)

NewTechevolution: 12345678
(kodi Builds)


91195389 None Kodi Builds For 17.6 Krypton


80409018 None Kodi 18 to 18.5 Builds and More.


17779393 None Contains Hundreds of Apps Without any Ads.

Bobby123: 74238464 None Huge Platform of Streaming Apps

Joe’s Place: 38069272
(apps for FireStick)

Joe’s Place2: 47603928
(Apps for ndroid)

Lisa Crawford: 69302536
(Media Players and TV Apps)

JM_tvbox: 29834673
(lots Spanish and English apps)

JM_tvbox : 30612263
(apps from JM_tvbox)

Agoat's Stockpile: 89641872
(Live Streaming Apps)

G & Len Penn: 55621089
(lots of streaming apps)

Doug’s: 16553983
(movies & Streaming Apps)

KP Apks: 80454071
(streaming Apps)

Myst Da-Man: 23119623
(live Streaming and free Apps)

Kingson: 76115743
(lots apps)

Ultraraaj: 53053526
(lots of apps for FireStick)

Do you know of any working Filelinked Codes we've not listed? Get to us about it.

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