How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast in 2020

How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast in 2020

How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast in 2020

How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast in 2020

To get Google Adsense you have to comply with some rules. Then Google will Approve your AdSense. So today I will share some tips on how to get Google AdSense easily through this article.

How to Get Google Adsense Approval

Many say that Google Adsense is difficult to get, but this is not the case. If you work with integrity, Google Adsense you can get YouTube or website if you give unique content Adsense you get it 100%. If you follow the steps below, you will get Adsense.

Use Responsive Website

The blog site that you create website Responsive. It is not a problem to visit from any device. Suppose you have posted a post on your blog if you see it from the computer, the picture, the video and the video can be seen well, but it can not be seen from the mobile. And one important thing is that loading time is not as high as the visitor can enter your site quickly.

High-quality content writing

What to write about? If you write about all subject Google Adsense will not get. Google has some rules you can come to see from this link in detail. I can say briefly that you can write about all the issues that are good. But to get quick Google Adsense you can write about three things that are product reviews, health tips, tutorials. You can also write about other things, but it must have the acceptance of the Visitor. Suppose a visitor at your site sees your title, but if he goes before 50 seconds then the problem is only from your site.

Because Google takes this writing you did not write it yourself by copying any text and rewritten by any software. So write about topics that need to be shared, it's most important. If you take photos from Google on your blog, then edit it. Another important thing is not to Google copyright pictures before being an Adsense Appearance.

Do Not Article Copy Paste

If you steal articles from other people's websites and post it on your website then you will not get Adsense. Do not paste the copy of someone else's text. However, there is no problem if using 30%.

Website important Pages

Your blog must also keep these pages about usContactPrivacy, Terms, and Condition. And there are no problems with other pages, for example, Advertisement, Copyright.


Many are questioning whether Google Adsense is available without domain or what domain to take. Without the domain, you can get Google Adsense but only the Blogspot.com site can be used for any custom domain you can use. What domain to take: You can use any Top Level Domain like .com, .net, .org, .top, .ca, .xyz, .etc. When you get Google AdSense through a custom domain, you can use that ad code on all web pages.

Write Article length

According to my experience, the best time to apply for the AdSense account is when thou have at least 10-20 high-quality posts. Your blog posts length should be at least 700+ words with quality content.

Website visitors

The visitor is not the main issue for getting Google Adsense. You must write your content properly without copyright. However, 20-50 visitors daily from Google search. Google Adsense will 100% Approve.

Website Age

The site age for getting Google Adsense is better than 1 month, if it is Adsense applying after 2 months, then better and better.

Add Google Webmaster

Before applying to Adsense, you must submit your site to Google Webmaster and apply for all pages after indexing.


Google Adsense is not difficult to find But if you work honestly you will get Google AdSense I got Google Adsense within four days I hope the Adsense is able to follow the above article And if there is a problem with AdSense, then I will try to solve.

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