How to install KALI LINUX using VirtualBox on Windows 10

How to install KALI LINUX using VirtualBox on Windows 10

Installing Kali Linux on your Windows 10 laptop is easy if we use VirtualBox.

Step 1 – Download VirtualBox for Windows

vb download
Run > as Admin
Installer starts > Next > Next (just accept all the defaults)
vb install 1
Warning > Yes
vb warning
vb install
Install > Finish
vb install 3
VirtualBox Opens
vb opens

Step 2 – Download a VirtualBox Kali image

These images have a default password of “toor” and may have pre-generated SSH host keys.

Select Kali Linux 64 bit VBOX
kali vb images
You’ll get the *.ova file appear.
vb files

Step 3 – Import Kali Image

File > Import

vb file import

Browse to the Kali Image > Next

vb import 1
Next, the settings will appear > Import
vb import 2

vb importing
Kali Imported
vb kali imported

vb start
USB Error – we need the extension pack – for USB 2.0 and 3.0 devices.
vb usb error

Download VirtualBox Extension Pack

vb usb download
vb extn
Run and Install Extension Pack > I agree
vb extn install
Installed successfully > OK
vb extn installed
Now, lets try the “START” arrow again

Kali launches a login prompt – remember the password

Username = root

Password = toor

vb kali login

Kali Splashscreen – Yay!

kali splashscreen

Step 4 – Update the Kali Image

Open a shell and enter the following commands, to update the repositories.
kali update
kali update

That’s it.

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